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A medium-sized shrub which grows to a height of 5-10 feet, ‘McKenzie’ black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) is also known as Photinia melanocarpa and is commonly called Aroniaberry in the nursery trade. This deciduous shrub is a member of the rose family, though not closely related to chokecherry. White flowers form in the spring and are pollinated by bees. Leaves are a deep glossy green. The fruit begins to form pendulous clusters in mid to late summer, turning a purplish-black color by September. Berries are about one-half inch or less in diameter and contain one to five very small seeds. They are quite juicy, but begin to shrivel after ripening. Juice and seeds are a deep purple in color. The berries generally persist and are not readily used by most bird species.

Aronia, 'McKenzie'

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