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Box elder, also known as the ash-leaved maple, maple ash, or Manitoba maple, is a medium-sized (35-70 feet tall), deciduous tree with an average lifespan between sixty and seventy-five years, but are capable of reaching up to one hundred years under optimal conditions¹.  When given ample room to grow, box elders take on an irregular shape with their trunk quickly splitting into multiple, widespread branches².  This pattern of growth results in a broad treetop resembling large shrubbery due to the shorter, stockier build taken on by the tree in the abundance of space².  Commonly, the tree to form multiple trunks.  When grown in close proximity to other trees, branches do not grow as drastically in a lateral direction and will instead create a narrower tree reaching the upper end of the species’ height range.  Boxelder is a member of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae).


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